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“KaBayanihan: Ang Kultura ng Pilipino”


“A society should have a soul,” said Apolinario Mabini. A society has a soul if the people love, help and care for one another.

“Culture is destiny,” said Lee Kuan Yew. Our culture as a people will determine our destiny as nation.

Many historians say that every great country in history has a cultural identity or anchor. Their people know who they are under the sun. Their cultural anchor becomes their source of strength in this vast world of many cultures.

What about us? What is the ... Continue


"Our Leaders, Our Problem"


by Alex Lacson
Philippine Daily Inquirer
June 20, 2014


“When our politicians sleep, our nation moves forward.” You will find this message in many of the streets in Rio de Janeiro these days.

When you reflect upon what’s happening in our country today, with many senators and congressmen and other high government officials implicated in the pork barrel scam, it is easy to agree with that maxim. It sounds true because there is so much truth to it... Continue

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