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for days or just goes in his pants. I am also at my wits end, HELP!"One of the most common and frustrating toilet training roadblocks is when a child willingly pees on the potty but demands a nappy, or uses his pants, for bowel movements. Some children will actually hold their bowel movements and create severe constipation, which further complicates the issue. (Read one mum’s story about how her son learned not to hold in his poo). Children typically resist having a bowel movement on the toilet, or hold back from going, for these reasons: Bowel movements take too long to wait for and
cheap jerseys an active child dislikes having to sit on the potty for the extended length of time. After being used to the
cheap jerseys china squashed sensation of stool coming out into a nappy, the feeling of letting it loose into the air is unsettling and strange. A
cheap nfl jerseys child is used to standing or moving during bowel movements, and sitting still on the potty is an uncomfortable change of routine. Your child thinks the poo is part of him and doesn understand why