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Single Vote Alex Lacson for Senator

ماي 1 2010 No Commented

By Glitter H. Moreno Single Vote Alex Lacson for Senator April 30, 2010 I first met Alex Lacson in 1998 through my father, a pastor. He ran against an incumbent politician in the 6th district of Negros Occidental, and my father met him in one of his campaigns. I mostly depended on my father’s political […]

Alex Lacson: Let’s do what we can to help our country

ماي 1 2010 No Commented

By Moje Ramos-Aquino The Manila Times May 1, 2010 I can only shake my head at the promises our candidates are freely espousing: I will eliminate poverty. I will eliminate corruption. I will change everything. I will continue GMA’s programs. I am for the poor. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Let us exercise our right to […]

Change of Heart: Vote for ALEX LACSON for SENATOR!

أبريل 28 2010 one Commented

By Mai Dumana Randomness is Bliss April 28, 2010 I try not to blog about politics. But there are some exceptions to my rule! :p My Mom had been bugging me to vote for this dude named Alex Lacson. I’ve always been what the hell…shouldn’t you be voting for someone you know? Or feel like […]

An Appeal to Filipinos

أبريل 14 2010 No Commented

By Ramon Banas, Jr. Business World April 15, 2010 All my life, I have aspired to see our country become, as envisioned also by former President Marcos in 1965, great again. I have lost count of the number of times I had voted for our political leaders and each time after the elections, I would […]

Reactions to Max Soliven’s article, “A Filipino of Faith”

أبريل 13 2010 one Commented

By Ducky Paredes April 14, 2010 *Note from the administrator: The letters below are in response to Ducky’s April 12 column that appeared in Malaya, featuring the late Max Soliven’s article on Alex Lacson. We have some letters: “Like you, I count myself also as one of the fortunate ones to have had a relationship […]

Harnessing true power of OFWs

أبريل 11 2010 No Commented

By Nini B. Cabaero Sun Star Cebu April 11, 2010 Filipinos abroad started casting their votes yesterday, Saturday, in the presidential and vice presidential elections in an exercise of their true worth in the Philippines. Overseas absentee voting, provided under Republic Act No. 9189 also known as the Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003, “ensures […]

Alex Lacson: He tops my vote

أبريل 10 2010 No Commented

Filipino Senatoriables to Consider By Patricio Mangubat New Philippine Revolution April 10, 2010 My friends, This is my official endorsement of the people who I think deserve Senate seats. I based this on my seven qualifications: 1. First, the person should have his/her heart in the right place. Love of self, love of family, love […]

First time voters choose their senatorial bets

أبريل 4 2010 No Commented

By Arriane Serafico and Cristyl Senajon Manila Bulletin April 4, 2010 Presidential and vice-presidential debates are still in full swing, garnering much hype and media coverage. But over at the senatorial race, we have over 60 individuals competing for those 12 legislative slots. Who are the senators you’re voting for? We asked our friends this […]

Lacson: Dismissal of rebellion case, first of many to exculpate the Ampatuans from complicity in the Ampatuan massacre

مارس 31 2010 No Commented

By Patricio Mangubat New Philippine Revolution March 30, 2010 As what this writer wrote several posts ago, the Maguindanao massacre case will be dismissed before the Holy week and attempts at formally closing the case will happen after this period, or on the second week of April. Now, it happened. Though Malacanang wants to lead […]

Buy Me A Good Senator!

مارس 27 2010 3 Commented

“Buy Me A Good Senator” is a movement launched by a group of ordinary citizens to fund the election campaign of honest, competent, and sincere people by encouraging the public to buy TBills (Trust Bills). Trust Bills are documents which bind the candidate to the electorate for the whole period of his term. Atty. Alex […]