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21 percent of the roughly 4,should apologise for his comments in question period today when Harjit Sajjan was speaking someone who was aware of the image she presented to the world" Behind Rudolph My friend was nice enough to go to the front desk to let him know that there were going to be three […]

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for days or just goes in his pants. I am also at my wits end, HELP!"One of the most common and frustrating toilet training roadblocks is when a child willingly pees on the potty but demands a nappy, or uses his pants, for bowel movements. Some children will actually hold their bowel movements and create […]

“KaBayanihan: Ang Kultura ng Pilipino”

ماي 5 2011 No Commented

KaBayanihan Ang Kultura ng Pilipino “A society should have a soul,” said Apolinario Mabini. A society has a soul if the people love, help and care for one another. “Culture is destiny,” said Lee Kuan Yew. Our culture as a people will determine our destiny as nation. Many historians say that every great country in […]

Philippines ranks second to Russia as worst offender of journalists’ rights-Lacson

ماي 2 2010 No Commented

May 1, 2010 The Philippines is now third to Iraq and Somalia in terms of violence being committed against journalists and second to Russia as the country with the worst human rights record, Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson warns, citing a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an international watchdog. […]

Factories hiring child workers should be penalized-Lacson

ماي 2 2010 No Commented

May 1, 2010 Government should enforce stricter penalties against companies which are still using underaged Filipino children to work in sweatshops in the Philippines. This, says Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson, will probably help stem the rise of the number of child laborers in the country. Liberal Party senatorial bet Atty. Alex […]

Rural entrepreneurship law key to alleviating poverty in countrysides-Lacson

أبريل 26 2010 No Commented

April 26, 2010 More than sixty percent of the poorest Filipino families live in the rural areas and Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson believes that government should extend a bigger budgetary allocation to this sector through modernizing agriculture, promoting education and training, and widening the number of entrepreneurs among the ranks of […]

Higher food stuffs leading cause of malnutrition in RP-Lacson

أبريل 26 2010 No Commented

April 26, 2010 Malnutrition is rising among the country’s 40 million Filipinos living below the poverty threshold and if government fails to address this, there will surely be a massive impact on the condition of the poor as well as rural communities, warns Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson. Lacson said it has […]

Agra should reconsider earlier decision on Ampatuan case—LP bet

أبريل 26 2010 No Commented

April 26, 2010 Delicadeza and law dictate that Justice Secretary Alberto Agra consider the testimony of the new witness who came forward and positively identified ARMM governor Zaldy Ampatuan and his brother Akmad as two of the principal masterminds behind the November 23 massacre in Maguindanao. Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson likewise […]

Lacson: Give VAT back to the poor

أبريل 21 2010 No Commented

By Roy C. Mabasa Manila Bulletin April 21, 2010 Give the Value Added Tax (VAT) back to the poor. This was according to Liberal Party senatorial bet lawyer Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson who said on Tuesday that VAT should be used directly for the intended beneficiaries and that is the poorest of the poor among Filipinos. […]

Lacson: VAT should be used to ameliorate poverty

أبريل 20 2010 No Commented

April 20, 2010 Liberal Party senatorial bet Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson said that proceeds from the Value Added Tax (VAT) should be put to good use as a revolving fund for specific anti-poverty programs of the government like micro-financing and other programs meant to encourage small entrepreneurship. Lacson noted that government has to look at […]