Great Believer

By Alex Lacson
June 24, 2014

I believe in dreams. I believe in prayers.

I believe that when you truly believe in your dreams, there is Someone up there who will rearrange the stars so you could achieve your highest dreams.

I believe that there is someone beyond who can make the impossible possible for us. I believe that when you pray sincerely and faithfully, He will answer your prayers, as He answered Daniel in the lions’ den, as He answered Moses at the Red Sea.

I believe that God gives each one of us a chance, a wonderful chance to achieve our dreams. And if we stumble and fail, I believe that God will give another chance, a second chance. And if we fail again, God will give us a third chance, a fourth chance, even countless chances, so we could attain our deepest longings. I say this because I believe that God is a wonderful being, the ultimate fountain of love and mercy.

There is only one thing that God asks from us, that we ask for His help, sincerely and faithfully.

I believe in the beauty of my being. I believe in the beauty of the Filipino.

I believe that the Filipino is one of the most wonderful human beings on the face of the earth. I believe that the Filipino heart is one the biggest in love and in kindness. The Filipino is one of the most caring, one of the most compassionate persons in the world. For this, I believe that the Filipino is one of the brightest hopes of humanity today.

I believe that God loves us Filipinos as a people, as much as He loves His other children in other parts of the world. I believe that God did not create the Filipino as a second class human being, as second class to the Chinese or to the Koreans or to the Japanese, or to any other people in the globe. The Filipino is an equal part of the humanity, no less than the stars above or anyone on earth.

I believe that God has a wonderful story for us as a people, that He wants the best, the highest, and the most wonderful for us as a people, for we are His children, whom He loves in equal measure as His other children in other corners of the universe.

I believe that God has destined us for prosperity and greatness as a nation, that the poverty and misery we experience today is but a part of the process we need to undergo to prepare us for a great role, and that the story we see today is but a fleeting portion of that beautiful story that is yet to unfold in the years to come.

I believe that God will use us wonderfully and mightily, individually and collectively as a people, to enrich humanity, to ennoble the world.

I believe that the power we seek is both within us and beyond us. I believe that all the earthly essentials we need to succeed as a people, are already within us and around us. But I believe that we need the guidance and wisdom of the Almighty to soften our hearts and egos so we would learn to see each other as brethren, and so we would learn to work with one another as one family.

I believe that we will eventually see the light, that we will eventually find the true path to genuine progress and prosperity, that we Filipinos will eventually find the answer to the many questions in our country, that we will eventually find the solution to the many problems in our nation.

I believe that, in this world, there is a season for everything. A season to be born, and a season to die. A season for planting, and a season for harvest. A season for sorrow, and a season for victory. A season for pain, and a season to shine. A season of low, and a season of high. I believe that very soon, our season of despair and poverty shall pass, and we as a people shall be dancing in the streets, celebrating under the stars, as we find ourselves marching in the true path of progress and prosperity, where everyone enjoys, where no one is left behind.

I believe that our time to shine and to celebrate as a people is coming very soon!

And I believe that I am not alone in this dream, in this prayer. I believe that that there are many Filipinos out there, who are dreamers of a better Philippines like Rizal, who are seekers of a beautiful future for our people like Bonifacio and Ninoy.

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