“KaBayanihan: Ang Kultura ng Pilipino”

Ang Kultura ng Pilipino

“A society should have a soul,” said Apolinario Mabini. A society has a soul if the people love, help and care for one another.

“Culture is destiny,” said Lee Kuan Yew. Our culture as a people will determine our destiny as nation.

Many historians say that every great country in history has a cultural identity or anchor. Their people know who they are under the sun. Their cultural anchor becomes their source of strength in this vast world of many cultures.

What about us? What is the cultural identity of the Filipino?

We believe it should be KaBayanihan – which is anchored on Kapatiran and Bayanihan, which literally mean Brotherhood and Community Heroism.

Kapatid ko ang bawat Pilipino.
Bayani ako ng bansa ko.

Kapatiran and Bayanihan are two old beautiful traits of the Filipino.

These are universal values that would help make a better society of our Philippines. But they would also make a better world for all humanity, regardless of race or religion.

KaBayanihan is based on love and the common good.

KaBayanihan is a Culture of Greatness for the Filipino. It has 8 Core Values.

    Faith in God

The Filipino is a child of God. We are God’s people. Ours is God’s country. God is the anchor of our national being as a people and as a nation.

  • Motherland

Pilipinas is the country God gave to us as a people. It is the home of the Filipino. It is the birthplace of our race and our people.

  • Kapatiran (Familihood)

We are all Filipinos because our Creator wants us to belong to one another. As a people, we are but one family. As a country, we have but one story and one destiny.

  • Faith in the Filipino (Faith in ourselves as a people)

We must see ourselves the way God wants us to see ourselves. The Filipino is great and wonderful as God planned him to be, for God created the Filipino in His image, out of His perfect love. The Filipino is as great and wonderful as any other person in the world, no less than the stars above or anyone below.

    Honor & Integrity

Honor is very important for the Filipino. The true Filipino is a person of honor and integrity. In the face of poverty and hunger, he would prefer to starve to death than to rob or steal. In the face of danger, he would prefer to die than to betray or live a life of dishonor.

  • Excellence & Discipline

God wants the best, the highest, and the most beautiful for the Filipino. We should aim for no less. Through discipline and sacrifice for the common good, we can attain the best that we can ever be as a people.

  • Fairness & Justice

While we must be kind, loving and forgiving as a people, it must not be at the expense of justice. Only a strict and fair implementation of law and justice will create a genuine sense of order and harmony in our society.

  • Unity & Bayanihan

Unity is the key to our development and prosperity. United as a people, there is little that we cannot do and achieve. Every Filipino, wherever he may be in the world or in our archipelago, is part of the hope and the answer. Every Filipino is a bayani of our Motherland.

KaBayanihan is not something new but merely a revival of what was beautiful in our past.

KaBayanihan can bring out the kapatid and the bayani in every Filipino. Every Filipino is and can be part of the solution, even through small acts of bayanihan and patriotism.

Today, more than ever, we need a cultural anchor that can help in making us become one people and one nation. A cultural anchor that is based on the values of humanity rather than race, but one that would also allow us to know distinctly who we are as a people in this highly globalized world.

KaBayanihan captures the essence of who and what we truly are as a people.

A Filipino is a Kabayani – a Kapatid na Bayani ng ating bansa.

This is who the real Filipino is. This is what every Filipino should be.

Culture is not static. It is always changing and evolving. It can be improved and enriched. It can even be changed, discarded, or replaced. It can resurrect and revive what was beautiful in the past. Many great leaders and people have reinvented themselves so they could reach great heights of achievements.

We can do the same as a people.

Let us use what was beautiful in our past to build a culture of greatness for ourselves.

Let us make the Filipino great and respected in the eyes of the world.