Our Dream Philippines

I dream of a Philippines that is beautiful in its progress and prosperity, because there is enough for every Filipino and his family;


a country where every child is able to get education up to college, where every graduate is able to find work in our country that can provide decent pay;


a nation where every mother is able to feed all her children 3 meals a day, where every father has a reliable source of income so he can provide support and comfort for his family.


I dream of a Philippines where dreams are always possible, however high they may seem; where every child can attain the fullness of life as he or she conceives it to be;


a country where the weak can also be strong, where the poor can also be wealthy;


a nation where no Filipino is left behind in the streets to suffer in poverty and misery.


I dream of a Philippines where the government is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people;


a country where the government rules to ensure that every person gets equal opportunities in government and in life, regardless of power and influence, of gender and religion;


a nation where the government works to strengthen the weakest of our citizens, and to control the excesses of the rich and the mighty.


I dream of a Philippines that can bring out the highest in our people, so the Filipino may enrich mankind and ennoble the world;


a country that can draw out the best and the most beautiful in us as a people, so the Filipino may become a model for all humanity;


a nation of wonderful people who create so much good and beauty, so the Filipino may become a light to all the darkness that is in world.


I dream of a Philippines that belives in and makes God as its anchor;


a country whose faith is a source of inspiration and hope for many in the world;


a nation whose highest ideal is – that as a people, we are just one family, that we are all brothers and sisters in our Creator’s eyes, and that every Filipino, regardless of status in life, is entitled to a beautiful future in the country where God planted him or her, with a fair share of all our country’s blessings, bounty and beauty – being a child of God like each one of us, and no less than anyone of us.

In short, I dream of a Philippines where people live as one family; a country that seeks prosperity for all and not only for a few; a nation whose love for one another is a light to all the world; and a people who are truly great, not only in the eyes of this world, but moreso in the eyes of our Lord.