Our Core Values
Extract from a speech to the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society
2 March 2009

There are five core ideas that we should all believe in as a people. These core values will help us become one family as a people, and in the process help us make our nation great.

First, believe that the Filipino is great and beautiful, for he is a child of a great God who truly wants him to be great. God has equipped the Filipino, within him and around him, with all the essentials he needs to succeed in this world. God wants the best, the highest, and the most beautiful for the Filipino because he is God’s child.

Second, believe that as a people we are but one family. That while we have our spouses and children within our small family, the Filipino people is our big family. Therefore, as a people, we should have a culture of familihood. As one family, we should truly love and respect one another. Dapat wala tayong iwanan. Dapat wala tayong gulangan. Dapat wala tayong dayaan, lokohan, o nakawan.

Third, believe that unity is higher and more important than individuality, but without choking anyone’s creativity. That if we want the best for most of our people, unity is essential. If we want to have unity as a people, personal sacrifice is necessary.

Fourth, believe that the Filipino was born as part of the whole, as part of the answer to the question, as part of the solution to the problem, as part of the hope for our people. That as a people, we are born to help build a better world for all humanity, and to help the Filipino become great.

Fifth, believe that as a people, we should dream big and high for ourselves. For truly, we will only go as far as our dream. If we dream small, our achievements in life will also be small. If we dream big for our country, our achievements for our country will also be big. We are the architects of our own success. We are the builders of our own greatness. We are the writers of our own story. We are the creators of our own future.