Our speaker is a great believer in the Filipino. He is a great believer in our potential as a people.

In 2000, he and his wife were tempted to migrate to the US or Canada. But after seriously thinking about it, they decided to live their lives here, in the land where God planted them.

Our speaker has always been a writer, since high school days. Thus, in 2005, he decided to help our country through the best talent God gave him, writing. Since then, he has written a series of patriotic books including the national bestselling “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country” and “12 Wonderful Things about the Filipino & our Motherland”. He also wrote the poems “I Am Filipino” and “Our Dream Philippines”.

He believes that every Filipino is part of the Solution, and part of the Hope of our Motherland.

In 2010, he realized that what he was doing as a writer of patriotic books was not enough for him to see the change that he wants to take place in our society. Thus, he decided to do a little more. Along with some priests and lay leaders, he founded STP or Solidarity for Transformation Philippines, a national network for grassroots formation, grassroots good governance, and grassroots replication of some successful livelihood programs. Their group also encourages servant leaders to run for public office, and support and help them get elected.

Our speaker is a lawyer by profession. He finished law at the U.P. College of Law in Diliman, and has taken post graduate studies at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2007, he took a leadership course at Haggai Leadership Institute in Singapore, where he was chosen to give the valedictory address for all graduates from various countries. He was also a columnist of the BusinessWorld Newspaper for 7 years. He was a former legal counsel of the United Nations Development Programme (or UNDP) in the Philippines for 7 years.

At present, he is a partner at the Malcolm Law office in Ortigas, Pasig City. He is also the president of Alay Pinoy Publishing Company. He is also the president of STP (Solidarity for Transformation Philippines), and the founder of Kabayanihan Foundation. He is likewise the chairman of the Civil Service Commission’s Advisory Board. He is also a board member of several companies and organizations like World Vision, Haggai Philippines, Alay Buhay, Dilaab Foundation, Philippine Army’s Advisory Board.

Today, our speaker is one of the country’s top speakers on the Filipino, Patriotism and Good Citizenship, receiving more than 100 speaking invitations every year in the past 7 years. He is a recipient of several awards, including The Good Citizen / Good Filipino Award given by the Edsa People Power Commission in 2009.

Our speaker is married to a beautiful wife, and father to 4 wonderful children.

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