Outtakes from the Alex Lacson / Dingdong Dantes shoot
1 minute 40 seconds

Dingdong Dantes supports Alex Lacson
15 seconds

Alex Lacson TVC
Interview with Karen Davila on Headstart
March 31, 2010
Part 1 of 3
10 minutes

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TVC with Noynoy Aquino
15 seconds

TVC with Mar Roxas
15 seconds

Let’s Elect A Good Man to the Senate
3 minutes 40 seconds

The Power of Little Things
3 minutes

We Write Our Own Story
30 seconds

Iisang Pamilya
30 seconds

30 seconds

Kapihan at Istoryahan: Bloggers’ Night, January 2010
5 minutes

Produced by CBN Asia, shown on 700 Club Asia, December 2009
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3 minutes

Produced by Jesuit Communications, shown on ABS-CBN April, 2007
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5 minutes